Anbuy starlight projector is a revolution of ambient lighting

Focuses on creating and providing an immersive lighting effect with the development of new metaverse and virtual reality technologies, Anbuy starlight brings you a revolution of the new generation of ambient lighting. Besides providing traditional lighting, Anbuy starry's starlight projector can perfectly combine LED lights and laser lights to create dreamy starry sky lighting effects.

When immersed in the lighting effects of twinkling stars, floating nebulae, and sounds of nature, you will feel like you are traveling thousands of miles away to another dreamlike cosmic world. So go beyond real life, free yourself from the pressure of modern work, and return to nature in another perfect way, bringing relaxation and purity to your mind.

Why a laser is better than a LED for ambient lighting

Before choosing the Anbuy starlight series, you may want to know why a laser is better than a LED for ambient lighting. Used as an alternative to incandescent bulbs, LED can provide discrete lighting that distributes light evenly in all directions, perfectly adequate for general lighting. But it becomes blurry when embodying complex patterns and shapes, such as stars or moon and nebula patterns, which means that it loses brightness rapidly with increasing distance. The light patterns and effects will be out of focus when far away from the projected background.

Traditional ambient lighting requires various Led lights

The hues of traditional Led lights have two light sources: cool and warm. The light source of cool color has higher brightness and saves electricity relatively. In contrast, the light source of warm color gives people a passionate feeling and can promote the warmth and comfort of domestic life. The living room, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom areas should choose a warmer color illuminant.

Therefore, when purchasing lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to fully consider the overall style of home decoration. In addition, you may need to select various LED lights and lanterns to achieve different lighting effects and spend much time matching ambient lighting.

Anbuy starlight projector can match most of specific scenarios

Anbuy starlight projector allows us to create adjustable different patterns or lighting effects to match specific scenarios and improve people's moods through combinate LED lights and laser lights. Furthermore, all these specific ambient lighting effects can be remote-controlled by Apps via Bluetooth/WiFi connected to devices, making it easy to change the lighting effects to comply with any environment.

Traditional Led lighting effects and functions are limited. You need to buy many different lights to create the ambient atmosphere of different scenarios. Anbuy star light projector can follow your requirements and customize specific lighting effects according to different scenarios. It can apply fantastic starry sky effects to most scenarios, making your living environment more comfortable and fitting your body and mind.

With Anbuy starlight projector, you only need to buy one starlight at a time to realize the application of most scenarios. Through Anbuy starry, no matter how many budgets you have, can bring you a surreal star effect, enjoy the happiness with friends and family, and recreate your own dreamy space.