How Does a Starry Projector Lights Work and Affect You

Lights affect your health

With respect to adverse health effects, many species, especially humans, are dependent on natural body cycles called circadian rhythms and the production of melatonin, which are regulated by light and dark.

If humans are exposed to light while sleeping, melatonin production can be suppressed. This can lead to sleep disorders and other health problems such as increased headaches, worker fatigue, medically defined stress, some forms of obesity due to lack of sleep and increased anxiety.

The good news is that light pollution can be reduced fairly easily by shielding lights properly, by only using light when and where it is needed, by only using the amount that is needed, by using energy efficient bulbs, and by using bulbs with appropriate spectral power distributions for the task at hand.

Is laser starry projector lights safe?

Laser starry projector lights are typically 100% safe. Laser starry lights are actually weaker than regular lights as laser starry lights operate with a lower power output. This is good news for your eyes.The lasers in starry projector lights are usually low-wattage, and the diffracted beams into which they’re split never exceed 5mW each in power. That means you can connect them to any regular household outlet and use them without issue.

A starry lights is a type of star projector that combines visions of starry night skies and nebula clouds for an intergalactic feel. Many starry projector lights cover your walls and ceiling, completely surrounding you in lights that transform and transport you and your guests to new dimensions.

The colorful light effects of starry projector lights are often helpful for people who struggle to fall asleep or feel calm. That’s because the colors of the blue and green stars and nebula common in starry projector lights are correlated with mood improvements. The red colors in some starry projector lights are also correlated with sleep. starry projector lights also work great as star night light projectors for nurseries or immersive gaming room lighting. 

How does a starry projector lights work?

The best starry projector lights work by combining the power of two different lighting types: laser lighting and LED lighting.

Laser lighting is celebrated for its clarity. This light type is known for shining bright and traveling far, so the starry effect remains sharp and clear from long distances. This is known as coherent light, which means it’s composed of light waves traveling in the same direction. All other types of home lighting, like fluorescent light, incandescent light, or light-emitting diodes (LEDs), are incoherent, which means it sends light in multiple directions. The result is often light with a blob-like, “cheese puff” effect that appears dull and unfocused.

The LEDs in a starry projector lights may be incoherent light, but that’s a good thing when you’re going for a dreamy night sky effect. Soft, floating nebulas are perfectly reflected against the walls when they appear fluffy and gentle, providing the ideal backdrop for those laser-sharp stars. Plus, LEDs have the ability to change color when laser lights do not, so in some starry projector lights, you can change the color of your LED lighting to precisely match your mood.