How to Light a Bedroom with starry projector Lamp

Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is probably the only one you spend time in when it’s completely dark, completely bright and completely somewhere in between. Nowadays, many bedrooms are more than just places to sleep—they’re also places to work, read, and spend family time.

How can lighting help accommodate all these activities in a single room? We’ve compiled Anbuy starry bedroom lamps for you to light a bedroom, their brightness and color will match your bedroom perfectly.

Here, are the best Anbuy starry bedroom lamps.

  • Anbuy Galaxy Projector for Bedroom

This Galaxy projector lamp display is dynamic, and can be controlled with the included remote or the wifi phone app. The Bluetooth speaker works well. Lighten up a room and make it appear as if you are in a space galaxy.

  1. This star projector incorporates holographic technologies to bring this 3-in 1-function projector to life, and made a larger coverage. You can choose one of the four colors or mix two colors arbitrarily and adjust the dynamic speed of the ocean wave. Let you enjoy your leisure time.
  2. The included remote control can help you control the night light, change the lighting effect, adjust the brightness, and turn the light on/off. Lights like ocean waves can effectively calm and relax people, help kids overcome the fear of darkness and fall asleep. The starry sky projector will also automatically shut down after 4h operation. With remote controller, it's free to change the starry light projector modes to customize your needs.
  3. The voice control system of the starlight projector integrates music and the starry sky. After turn on the voice control button, the waves and stars will dance with the music beats and creates a soothing atmosphere.
  •  Anbuy smart moon light projector for bed room

This lamp is super cute and light weight with so many colors!  Perfect night light and cool decorate lamp! This cool moon lamp could be used as night light for adults and children, or put it on the special occasion as a decorative light.
    1. ANBUY Star Moon Lamp is made by 3D printing in order to make the surface of the lamp close to the moon; High quality PLA material, environmental and nontoxic, can be regenerated biodegraded, harmless to the human body.
    2. The galaxy moon lamp could be timing setting with 15min/30min/45min/60min; Build-in rechargeable battery(800mAh), can charge on your computer/power bank or charge adaptor etc. No line hanging around, you can hold the moon light on your hand.
    3. Colorful color changes give children a feeling of novelty transformation, perfect as children/kids room decorative and special occasion.Very dreamlike and romantic decorative lights for your living room, dining room and bedroom.
    4. 16 Colors & 4 Modes The moon light have 16 different colors and the 16 colors can be flash or smooth or fade or strobe; With touch control, can turn on/off/change color, and remote control can change the color or the brightness of the color, switch modes, very convenient for you to choose your perfect color.


    These starry lamps provide a warm and dreamy impact to bedroom room. Plus, they're incredibly versatile. You can add them to a shelf on a bookcase, place them on a bedside table, show them off in an entryway, and get highly creative. Besides illuminating the room, today's high-design lamps can also make a decor statement wherever you place them.